Black Sea Gazetteer of Sites - Instructions


To search the data base of sites click the "Search" button, and you will be directed to the simple search formula. Here you can enter basic topographical search criteria. All entry fields allow string search. Thus you only have to write "Amis" to find Amisos. Practical if you are uncertain about how a locality is spelled. The curtains by "Name of locality", "Country", and "Landscape" contain all the different entries currently in the data base. The one by "Name of locality" is rather long but you can navigate in the list by typing the initial letter.
When you press "Begin search" the resulting page will be a list of localities that meets your requests. Click on the blue button to the left of the name to move to the specific site.
Under each site you can get further information by clicking one of the six buttons: "History", "Sources", "Coins", "GPS", "Bibliography", and images.

-History: No information has been added yet.
-Sources: Literary sources mentioning particular localities are added continuously.
-Coins: Contains information and images of the 819 coins from the Black Sea area in Danish collections.
-GPS: Precise position of a number of features at each site. So far only positions measured by us have been entered, but positions from external sources will be added later.
-Images: The intention with this page is to provide easy access to royalty free images for use in teaching, research etc. Print quality images can be obtained at request. Please note that using this function requires a fast internet connection.

The "Advanced search" page works along similar lines as the "Simple search", but here you have the possibility of combining the topographical criteria with information about literary sources.

At the bottom of the "Advanced search" page you can reach two rather different search pages: "Search literary sources" and "Search bibliography". The entry fields look similar. The search result will, however, not be a list of localities but rather the relevant literary sources or bibliographic information.

Please note that the information provided is not exhaustive as data are entered continuously.

Last updated 01.05.2007

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